This site is still under construction so please bear with us while it is being worked on. If you have any suggestions, or have found any bugs, please contact us using the form below. We also list here all currently known bugs:
  • When hovering/tapping on arabic words like this, iOS browsers do not see the meaning of the word. Your iOS software needs updating. There was a bugfix released by Apple in around March/May 2023. Without downloading this update, many features of the site will not work. Even with the fix however, there is still a bug where the meaning flashes and disappears. Only if you click on the word a second time will the translation remain on the screen. This is being looked into.
  • In the tarkeeb exercises, on certain iOS devices, the buttons are there but the Arabic is blank. Same as above. Your iOS software needs updating.
  • Submitting the contact form doesn't seem to do anything. Now this bug is completely my fault. The contact form does actually send me your comments, but I forgot to code in some feedback to let you know it's been sent 😁. I will fix this soon inshaa Allah!
  • In the tarkeeb exercises, iOS browsers do not render the Laam Alif letter correctly. This is a bug that we cannot fix on our side. Due to the way the tarkeeb exercises work, we need to make every letter clickable. This is a fundamental problem with Apple's Webkit (the engine their browsers run). There is a 16 year old bug that they still haven't fixed which prevents Arabic letters joining correctly in certain scenarios, the tarkeeb exercises being one of those scenarios. We had to run through hoops just to get the tarkeeb to work on iOS due to them not fixing this bug, but the awkward rendering of the Lam Alif is not something we can fix until they fix the original bug themselves.